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Mindful Eating
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  • “I was an accomplished diet expert in that I had tried them all and with great gusto but always failed. What I didn’t really know was that I could eat and enjoy all foods – truly! – and in the process become healthier and more at peace with my body. I’m no longer waging a war against myself and to my utter surprise my clothes are fitting better and I haven’t been fighting “food” in my brain. Acceptance and grace are far more powerful than regret and failure and much better companions to live with.”

    MB 2014

  • “What I learned in the Am I Hungry workshop has lifted a burden I have felt for the past 25 years as a Weight Watchers member. On a daily basis, I judged myself based on the number on the scale and my food intake. I now feel empowered to trust myself to make healthy choices and most importantly to relax and enjoy life! “

  • “My experience with the Am I Hungry program taught by Jane Joseph has been amazing. I have had issues with food my entire life, but now I no longer feel compulsive and obsessive about eating. I have learned positive and mindful ways of thinking about myself that have helped me in many parts of my life. I have stopped the dieting/overeating cycle and learned to enjoy a new healthy approach to food. I would recommend this program to anyone who has problems or issues with eating.”

    CS 2014

  • “Empowering, insightful, easy and fun. This workshop has given me a great outlook on food and why I eat. Thanks for making this such a positive in my life.”

    CB 2013

  • “I have attended countless classes or weight loss programs only to quickly resume my former habits. This class has taught me an approach to eating that is so freeing because I am not on a diet but making a sustainable life change. For the first time, I am doing something that really works and that I know I can continue for the rest of my life. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who has struggled with their relationship with food.”

    NT 2013


Mindful Eating can be coached individually or taught in groups through Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Workshops

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